Owners of the Arrowhead Ranch, Randy and Marla Heagle, announced today that the 2020 Windermere Stanwood-Camano Soap Box Derby would be canceled due to the extended lockdown and social distancing regulations.

“Arrowhead Ranch is a place for people to be safe, have fun, and dream big. The Soap Box Derby is a big part of that and a huge part of the community, but with COVID-19, we cannot safely host the event,” said Randy Heagle.

Last year was the 12th annual Windermere Stanwood-Camano Soap Box Derby. The event included a record-breaking 93 racers and more than 2,500 spectators – making it the largest soap box derby west of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, with the need for social distancing and regulations on events and gatherings, this year’s race has to be canceled.

Instead, the Arrowhead Ranch will support three local racers – who qualified through rally races- at the World Championship in Akron, Ohio. Ohio has not been as severely affected and the All American Soap Box Derby is still expected to take place there later this summer.

“We’re so thankful for this year’s community sponsors and donors, and we’re excited to have everybody back on the track in 2021,” Randy said.

“In the meantime, we’ll find other ways to support and engage with our community, and we hope others will do the same,” Marla added. 🏁