Are You Ready To Race?

Are You Ready To Race?

Welcome to the Wonderful World
of Soap Box Derby Racing!

The Soap Box Derby is a family-friendly competition for children ages 7-17. The local Stanwood Camano Island Soap Box Derby was started in 2008 by Randy and Marla Heagle, who wanted to create an event that would bring together kids, businesses and the Stanwood Camano community.

Today, Arrowhead Ranch is the permanent home of the annual Windermere Stanwood Camano Island Soap Box Derby and the Summer Classic Rally Race. Cars are often sponsored by local businesses and the Arrowhead Ranch Foundation so that any interested child can participate, regardless of family income. Derby racers work with a mentor (usually a parent or grandparent) and  engage with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) through racing and weekly build clinics at the ranch.


June 19, 2021


Summer, 2020

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Brick by Brick

2020 Windermere Stanwood Camano Soap Box Derby Cancelled

Friday, May 1, 2020 – Owners of the Arrowhead Ranch, Randy and Marla Heagle, announced today that the 2020 Windermere Stanwood-Camano Soap Box Derby would be canceled due to the extended lockdown and social distancing regulations.

“Arrowhead Ranch is a place for people to be safe, have fun, and dream big. The Soap Box Derby is a big part of that and a huge part of the community, but with COVID-19, we cannot safely host the event,” said Randy Heagle.

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