Open for questing Friday through Sunday 12 pm – 3 pm (2/12-14 & 2/19-21)

Clue #1

It gets muddy at Arrowhead Ranch. Make sure you wear your boots!


Clue #2

One of our 3 rules here at the Ranch.


Clue #3 

Informer 48.2344665 -122.473663


Clue #4 

“Aww, She Looks Like A Chip Off The Ol’ Block.” “Actually, More Like A Pebble Off The Ol’ Flintstone.”


Clue #5

“I knew then that I loved him as much as I did Mama and Papa, maybe in some ways even a little bit more.”


Clue #6

Clue #7

Horse-High, Pig Tight, Bull Strong.


Clue #8 
Home Stretch


Clue #9

An Avid Fan!


Clue #10